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  • Lincolnshire Poaching

    Posted in Travels with Floyd (cheesemaker visits by Francis Gimblett) on May 23, 2017

    From Mordor to the Shire probably seems an unfair analogy to members of the M62 Appreciation Society, but leaving the motorway and dropping into Lincolnshire across the Humber Bridge gave the distinct impression that the heavy industry in my rear view mirror hadn’t yet found a way of fording the cold grey waters. Once into the rolling chalk hills of the Lincolnshire Wolds, the only nods to modernity were the far off sentinels spinning their energy from the North Sea winds. I arrived beside the clean red brick and polished glass of Ulceby Grange Farm, home to Lincolnshire Poacher cheese, with a...

  • Floyd signs off - May 2017

    Posted in Diary of a cheese (Floyd's beginnings) on May 11, 2017

    So this is Christmas? Judging by the bluebells, bright-leafed oaks and dropping butterfats in the milk, it must be spring and I have missed the deadline for my end of 2016 update. I can only apologise. Well that’s not altogether true. I could come around to your place with a bunch of flowers, a bottle of fine English bubbly and give you a foot massage, but that would be excessive, not to say intrusive. So what’s happened since last summer?

    Well, to be candid, late summer was pretty stressful, for me especially. Pam and Francis had their differences as to the way forward for the business, he wa...

  • Diary of a cheese - August 2016

    Posted in Diary of a cheese (Floyd's beginnings) on Sep 29, 2016

    Wow, August already. Where's the time gone? I thought after my release - there's that word again, it makes me feel like Ronnie Barker in Going Straight - there'd be a flow of news from Francis and Pam, maybe even a blog from one of them! Well, I suppose they'd say there's been no time for that, what with making cheese, attending farmers' markets, and doing their events; but I think it's because they've been flying by the seat of their pants and they don't want to report on all the turbulence. It's an apt simile, as they are on a plane right now, off on holiday for a break after three months of...

  • Diary of a cheese – February 2016

    Posted in Diary of a cheese (Floyd's beginnings) on Feb 23, 2016

    I can’t believe it’s been a year! What on earth have Pam and Francis been doing? Not letting me near the PC, that’s for sure. They say they wanted to keep things quiet until there was something to shout about. I think they’re just shy – social media not being their scene; very English and all that. Well, they’re setting themselves up nicely for marketing in the British artisan cheese business. After all, it’s the reason why so much French cheese is eaten here – we’re too reserved to tell anyone about our own.

    Anyway, the micro-dairy is built and production has just started, which I suppose is ...

  • Diary of a cheese - January 2015

    Posted in Diary of a cheese (Floyd's beginnings) on Jan 09, 2015

    My beginnings

    My first year started with my two decidedly odd originators – I would call them parents, but that would sound weird, because I’m a cheese and, well, they’re not and they might find my human reference saccharine sweet – on a Normandy hillside staring at cows. For most of the folk of Haslemere (the Surrey town I’m being brought up in) France is summer on the Cote d’Azure or a winter week in Val d’Isere, but the attractions of hot sand or the crunch of snow under skis seem to hold little attraction for Pam and Francis, for it’s their stomachs that determine their holiday destination...