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Carwyn Adams, Caws Cenarth Cheese 29th January 2021

Join Carwyn on a journey into the hills and valleys of south Wales to discover one of the world's great cheeses, Caerphilly. His family revived the farmhouse tradition in the 80s on their generations-old dairy farm in the Cych Valley and are one of only three cheesemakers crafting PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) Traditional Welsh Caerphilly. We have secured a rare delight for the event, aged Caerphilly, a cheese that would once have delighted the discerning palates of the mining communities, but was lost to the wave of commercialism. For more on Carwyn and Caws Cenarth, as well as tasting notes from the guide, [click here]( Come back and buy a cheese pack, at a (not-for-profit) £9.50, it'll be one of the best value hours with friends you can have.